He understood

He understood And even if it creates just like the, distinctions not to avoid laws of the nature will not outwit.

To it it is possible to add and that for the sixth day God was tired.

He understood that Adam was far from an ideal.

And, obviously, left this business that left that left.

Or perhaps there were more interesting affairs.

Therefore not to alter, to come back to already endured process, God provided to the person chance it can become better in itself if will solve problems and then there will be a wise man, capable to continue the begun business.

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After today's conversation, probably, we will

After today's conversation, probably, we willand.

For examplem To tell, we go on what enterprise that it lets out, where its production is applied.

Further, certainly, there should be a person who conducts on before to acceptance also shows all process, since delivery raw materials and finishing production quality check in laboratoriya.


Ulyanov I suggest to look at an example of, how about preparation for excursion in police office from odes was found ache from our groups.

After today's conversation, probably, we will change something.

Let's look at a videoclip.

clip tutor Today we will go on excursion to one from police offices.

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Boys babies

Boys babies The role of the adult man in our culture is so ambiguous and is not certain, and transition from the childhood by a maturity is so indistinct that our culture demands from parents of a vpikhivaniye in boys of their male role since the birth.

Boys babies dress up only in blue, but in any way in the pink! They are given balls, instead of dolls! Such early instilling of a man's stereotype of behavior destroys a gentle emotional fabric of a being of the boy, harms to his imagination, and after all both that and another is vital for ability to love and be darling.

Boys in the childhood need to help to reveal within structure which will direct then their man's energies, instead of to hold them captive.

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Sometimes Who that decides for them that to them to do, eat, carry, listen and smot.

And they sometimes would like to make something that it is pleasant to them sathe mime, but they have no such possibility.

No wonder that flashes anger happen quite often.

Sometimes the anger is caused by frustration and overfatigue, needs of nature of the child in attention or stremleniy to make something in own way.

Fits of anger can occur at any time and in any place and it is frequent in situations when you feel bespomoshchny.

But even if children become angry, cry in most nepodkhodyashchy a place shop, transport, etc.

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And suddenly

And suddenlyThe girl played everything best of all, more surely.

She did not worry any more when went on a concert after all knew, as as it is necessary to do, and did it masterfully.

But to pleasure from game for some reason remained ever less.

And suddenly to the girl was ceased to want to play.

Once she admitted it to mother.

Do not stir nonsense that answered.

And, not to afflict parents, the daughter forced itself to sit down at the tool.

Now big efforts that was given easily and with pleasure earlier costed.

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