And. It is curious, because

And. It is curious, because And that was presented to me a cart Distinctions in educationgirls and boysmozhnost by means of any action to add something in the woman, means to realize internal consumer the nost given to me from above than the nature.


It is curious, because today we on blyuday return tendency.


You could repeat the last phrasel m I will try to formulate it differently that you could understand better.

To me, the man, rules are necessary, precepts as I am capable to carry out them.

And for the reason that I am more spoiled, I am obliged to carry out them.

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For example, to people

For example, to peopleThey found out that people whom arenas or other adaptations let's realize requirement to creep and run on all fours, later not completely develop the speech abilities.

In certain cases there is a stutter which recovers by return of adults to crawling and run on all fours on an hour in day for several months.

Besides, doctors used special trainings to achieve normal functioning of a brain with a dominant of one of hemispheres.

For example, to people who had dominating the right hand, but the left foot thus dominated, helped to become completely the lefthander or the righthanded person.

Daman and Delakato initially worked with children with injuries of a brain, but further found out that they were possible manage speech skills and at normal students of academy Chestnat Hil where Delano was the deputy rector.

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If the thinking

If the thinkingThat is why it is so important to study history of opening of thoughts on the subjects, reflecting its sign systems.

If the thinking and the truth reflects reality and has semantic character, it should have the carrier.

Semantic laws and the ensembles of the public relations existing actually, are embodied in human I.

But I exist not alone.

Its emergence is fixed by existence of contradictions between conceiving I and not I the nature.

They opposite, but not the hostile parties of interaction.

By means of what contradictions between them are solvedI and not I unite and interpenetrate one into another by means of actions and activity.

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Children never

Children never For this purpose in the book there are so much games and cheerful netrafaretny decisions.

Simply begin and do, with pleasure.

To raise children it how to go to travel.

Sometimes to go happens difficult, sometimes it is tiresome, sometimes it is very joyful, but something will always change.

Children never are at a stop, even if it seems to us that today only yesterday continuation.

If to see in every day new possibilities and new answers, the bad behavior will not have chances to spoil to us a way road.

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But the more

But the moreBrad, father of the sixyear boy It is not pleasant to parents, when them hate.

But the more often to children provide to establish for itself limits of admissible behavior, the family life becomes more awful.

And if anarchy became modus operandi way of action your family, you will never know, that to expect during the next instant from the offsprings, especially when happen to them in public.

One family brought on consultation of the five years' rascal.

They be settled, the child was arranged on a lap at one of parents.

Suddenly the boy came off knees and quickly dumped all books at me from the shelf.

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