ResultingAll of us, of course, would like, that the culture defining behavior of members of our society, was humane.

But humanity surely assumes respect of a human continuum.

The culture demanding from people to conduct life for which they were not prepared by evolution which does not satisfy their congenital expectations and, therefore, makes unreasonably high demands to their ability to adaptation, surely causes a damage of their personality.

Deprivation of the person of the minimum variety of emotional incentives a heartrending experience for its continuum.

Resulting loss of wellbeing is called as boredom.

This unpleasant feeling the continuum lets know that occupation change is necessary to the person.

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To learn youth

To learn youth Doctor Shtekel.



, p.

In this question it is necessary to rest rather on the zitivny aspect of pleasure of that it becomes big also it is capable to overcome itself, rather than on fault stvo.

To learn youth to vital realities not , as many hygienists believe, to protect them from threat of venereal diseases; it means to save them from moral deviations, the reason which it is covered in defect.

The youth should understand that it is not followed by Iseto use those creative forces, the keeper which it is, as simple means for humiliation or pleasure.

Not purity is a wine in relation to itself, to future to the spouse or to the spouse, to children who will be born and all will inherit their physical and moral wormholes.

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After all the small

After all the small More precisely, it enters into it without resistance and conscious efforts, lying deeply in soul.

But over time it will independently destroy its uncertainty will hear, see, perceive this information as the semantic message.

It will expand and deepen an image of the world and in it.

Clearly, it is necessary for culture of such relations to train since the childhood to develop not only sensitivity of soul, but also to turn it into system of abilities to create the talent mechanism.

After all the small and big person a nature and noosphere phenomenon.

Therefore training and education of the person should be carried out on the most modern products of noosferny process.

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Instead teach

Instead teachShow it on the facts and on how the Christian belief becomes by perfection for the human being.

Inhale in the child pride of the rank shcheny, but without contempt for those who yet did not become kovy.

Instead teach it that with the help mineLithuania, victims and gifts to God of the small acts, it can make a great impact on ly world My God, let the whole world loves You! Explain to the child that it should not if will find the vague moments, It is necessary to give Preference to the stories similar to, how concealing Theresa achieved the address sentenced on a death threshold.

It to it to learn effectiveness of a prayer.

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Then the adult

Then the adult The child should be attentive, not to get off and show that the adult speaks.

Game specifies knowledge of children of parts of a body, the attention develops.

Then the adult sets some questions, by means of which purpose of separate parts of a human body becomes clear.

Why hands, fingers, eyes, nose, hair etc.


Here you see, each part of a body for some reason to us it is necessary and without it it will be difficult to us to live.

And all these parts together and make the person.

We with you live, and us it is impossible razoto take in parts, as a lifeless toy, for example the machine or bicycle.

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