Time at your

Time at your And at last, the good interlocutor will always finish conversation by a compliment Mnedeystvitelno needed to be learned that you think of it.

Even the pupil of elementary school it is possible to teach to be the attentive listener and in the course of time to improve skills of the good interlocutor.

Teach the child to tell pleasant things to the teacher.

The compliment of times a week will melt heart of any teacher.

Time at your lessons flies by imperceptibly because you laugh together with us much.

I so like to listen, as you read us stories.

Ask the child that most of all is pleasant to it in his teacher as it looks, about her habits, behavior manners, that she speaks and does at lessons.

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Yes, her life

Yes, her life It did not get rid up to the end of shyness, but already on so painfully reacts to attempts of people closer with it to get acquainted.

Here her own words After two weeks spent here my life changed radically, after all there were so many people whom I became not indifferent.

Yes, her life really changed, because the people who have surrounded it helped it to find the forces and selfconfidence.

Sara inspired all of us parents, the teachers, close people on making all the efforts and to help the children to overcome shyness.

second THAN PARENTS CAN HELPTO THE TIMID CHILDRENParents often having many children differently behave with the children.

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The following

The followingThe following questions will help you to understand, how exactingly you treat the children Early achievements of your children always played very important role for you You waited, what your child in eighteen months will be able to go on a pot, by two years will learn to read, in four years will independently fasten laces on boots, and in six can cope with a twowheeled bicycle As a result you were disappointed, when your expectations did not come true Whether you when your child did not cope with any task were irritated, considerin what it simply is not capable of it You usually determine readiness of the child by what parameters to acquire these or those skills or knowledge On its age On physical parameters On that, on what children of your acquaintances or neighbors are capable And can be, you ignored signals which were submitted by the child and which testified to his readiness or, on the contrary, unavailabilities to undertake this or that task If the child behaved badly or did not cope with any task, whether you from it hid the love, illustrating that its convention and inconstancy You got used to do everything for the child so, even having matured, it cannot cope with elementary tasks without your help All of you time rush with the child, almost from a spoon him feed Whether you feel fear what with age the child starts to need you ever less You are afraid of what your child will grow soon and becomes absolutely independent You still write down the twelve years child on reception to the stomatologist The history with the woman who wrote down the son to the dentist when to that already was twenty one years became the most extreme illustration of similar behavior in the course of our research.

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We any more

We any more Here some examples.

Herodotus imitated Homer.

Almost all his followers purposefully scooped from Homer's treasury, and it is most Platon.

That incorporated numerous streamlets of thoughts.

Platon did not hide that competed with Homer, as the beginner with the glorified master.

In the early verses Lermontov entertainingly imitates Pushkin, Zhukovsky and another.

We any more do not speak about contemporaries to them the nobility is better that they reproduced, and that created independently that inherited.

And what the psychology and pedagogics speak about creative imitationWe need to ascertain happened so that the main ways of a that time and modern science lay by imitation creativity this mysterious property of human soul to such imitation did not pay attention.

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The group of contemporaries

The group of contemporaries At the age from till years the group both involves boys, and pushes away.

The group of contemporaries gives them feeling of identity which at this age is represented imperceptible.

Boys are disturbed very much by a question, whether they are accepted by group and whether are popular in it.

Group search which it would be possible to join, and experiences if group in which the boy would feel well, it is not possible to find, do adolescence especially painful for the boy and difficult for parents.

It is very important, that these years of experiments and search parents held the center as it does mother for the kid when it starts to investigate the world round her knees.

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