But after

But afterBesides, the majority of parents considers that children and so should feel and feel their love whereas actually parents need to show to children the love day by day.

It is necessary for the child, that you directly spoke to it I love you, and told it as it is possible more often.

But after all they and so know about it! many parents so usually react to my offer especially fathers already enough adult children.

Recently published biography Henry Fonda, the actor who, as a rule, plays roles of straight, honest and loveful people, tells that timid Henry Fonda and in life is same straight and honest.

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And. Convince

And. Convince Therefore it nothing us skryTeenagers want changes.

And then show me that you love me.

Find in me such qualities which you love.

And if you say that you love them, it indeed.


Convince me of it.

m Yes.

You should see the world and me not through the ego.

After all about what I ask you Look at the world not through prism of the ego, and through a love prism.

It exercises, to tory we should pass.


Perhaps, it is necessary to make theatrical repri on this subject m No, it is not necessary to reduce it on theater level.

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It is sometimes

It is sometimes To lock it for two weeks of the house it is far not the best way to this purpose.

Instead it is good to discuss a situation together with it and to find out, in what, in his opinion, problems where its weak place, whether he understands, how high points are important for its future, and so forth.

It is sometimes better to natural consequences to give the chance to be shown.

For example, in many and many families of America where there are teenage boys, there is daily, an evening after evening fight of characters concerning performance of homeworks and receiving high points.

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I observed

I observed I resembled a skeleton fitted by skin.

However after these seven and a half months the jungle after all did not lose for me attractive correctness.

I observed the whole families and clans of Indians , coping on the house, together hunting and living in full harmony with their habitat without wonders of equipment everyone there, except for a machete and axes from the steel, replaced stone axes.

Tauripan were the happiest people that to me somewhere came across, but then I hardly turned on this attention.

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GraduallyApproximate list of wordsPaperWoolBootNestCartFingerCatHairLemonadeWheelRoseElephantStickScarfKissFilmTearBusPancakeBootDoctorHappinessBirdJuiceThe note for parents Having passed the first column, ask the child to call or write down words which the ohm remembered, and pass to the following column.

Then work with two columns, having increased quantity of words for storing.

Gradually it is necessary to refuse a nazyvaniye aloud the qualities disappearing behind this or that word, and to pass a prize mentally, in mind.

Exercise No.

We draw onvoobrazilski Now you will look at drawings not for lon about a halfminutes and then will draw them on memory.

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