If you agreed

If you agreed Praise itself that you risked, and promise to itself once again to invite the same girl if only she did not tell no three times in a row or someone another.

If she agreed, stipulate time of a meeting and a dress code.

If you agreed to come behind it, be not late, but also do not come early.

Though it is important to come to many in time, in this case it is better to come for some minutes later, than earlier because your early arrival can put it in an uncomfortable position, especially if to it have to open you a door in a bathing dressing gown and with wet hair.

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Group, in fact, should

Group, in fact, should And if a forehead the century carries out a rule love near, as itself, if it correctly directs itselfhimself, at the end of a way it races covers truth.

Therefore we have no choice we are obliged to construct group as an image of the judge, the inspector directing.

Group, in fact, should do everythin and her heads need to direct all participants of group to a unification, and then, having rallied, they will really open the hidden laws of the nature.


But then the group appears in awkward hollowzheniya …m It's cool.

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He sucks

He sucks It furiously kicks with feet, trying to hammer painful desire of touches of a warm flesh, it waves hands, twirls by the head here and there to disconnect the sense organs, strains a body, curving an arch a back.

The child finds any consolation in the thumb it calms incessant itching desire in a mouth a little.

He sucks a finger quite seldom, only when wants to eat before the feeding put by the schedule.

Usually the child simply holds a finger in a mouth exhausted with intolerable emptiness, eternal loneliness, feeling of that it is on the life suburb.

His mother consults to the mother, and that retells notorious history about harm of a sosaniye of a finger and that then the child will have teeth curves.

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Most likely, it works

Most likely, it works Most likely, it works by a principle of Society of Anonymous Alcoholics where at the general meetings unfortunate parents of shouting children sympathetically console and encourage the same sufferers they will sometime grow; sleep with your spouse in turn, then each of you will manage to have a sleep, while another calms the child, or the child it is possible to leave to cry one if you are sure that with it everything is all right; it to it will not damage.

The best that they can offer, it if absolutely helps nothin there is nothing terrible in that the child has a sleep together with you in one bed.

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Can long

Can long and it is sometimes where it is more difficult, than are fascinating business.

not , inlyuchayetsya in activity.

at it slowly accrues .

but it mozhelong to keep.

in at BCHN ine; it is usually more assidious and attentive.

can long listen to an explanation of the teacher; shows very high activity in work to the passable material.

as that.

that it acquired once, long remains in its pas ; thinks over more deeply and carefully organizes different types of the activity ! these pluses help hesitate ier.

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