The symbol

The symbol Transition to development of ways of the image marks a jump as the organization reflected by the kid, so and new level of energy which to them wakens.

Image it an image a symbol.

The symbol executes three main functions reflects; calls for action; represents model of generation of activity.

Let's consider, how the symbol in communication of the kid and the adult is created.

Feelings in every respect a knowledge basis.

It feeling reflects singularity and consequently it is blind, rather casual, chaotic.

And the symbol, as well as feelin bears in itself the infinite contents.

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Edited and published

Edited and published Thanks to these factors joint activity , and the inner world of people not only is enriched, but also becomes capable to increase.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONOn the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish and types of the communication, negative results having by the consequences soul destruction.

Imperception of each other or group.

There are no hostile relations, but communication becomes complicated painful emotional reaction an idiosyncrasy arising at the person at a meeting with subjects or certain people; neglect, not address of attention and the courier not remark of an initiative of the person to establishment of the relations; flight the conscious action releasing the person from unpleasant and insuperable negative feelings, avoiding of any communication.

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If this negativism

If this negativism Moral senses suffer also.

If this negativism is overcome in the child by force, with concentration, systematically, eventually the kid develops new ways of fight for independence and a sovereignty.

Also operates so refuses to carry out of a task and teams of adults; operates in spite of that from it demand on the evil; negatively treats requests without the positive adoption of refusal I do not want to speak, and why I do not want itself I do not know.

And what further Illness the child becomes a neurotic.

And how to prevent negativism In the relations the people inclined to negativism, it is offered to use methods which open soul and promote establishment of intimate communication between souls.

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And in other

And in other The concept develops and consequently conducts to more developed concept.

And in other direction from concept to the scheme of action and from it by the image which in operation merges with a subject to concrete.

And concrete subject practical activities of the kid here are.

Thus, the description conducts to concept creation forms of thinking which operates with thoughts on properties of a subject or the phenomenon and reflects their essence truth.

The third stage the image.

Conceding to the name and the description in concreteness, it wins in force of generalization reflected, in completeness of comprehension of integrity of this or that picture of the world, activity or the person.

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Direkthe tsiya

Direkthe tsiya Certainly, I knew nothing about its study, about its affairs.

Once so happened that children pulled down with buildings materials that something for to construct.

Direkthe tsiya of a boarding school declared to parents that excludes these children.

And then to me advised to tell the following I gave you on education of the dear obedient child, and you, later not howeverTeenagers want changesto years, say that he behaves badly, and want it isklyu! Who so brought up it!You mean it in the question I transferred the child on education and I know nothing.

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