Cigarets stuck

Cigarets stuckOne woman told us that somehow her daughter, having come home, told Mother, you always so well understand me.

And you such clever.

And you always tell me the truth therefore I too will never say lies to you.

Next day, passing on the car on any street, this woman saw the daughter in the company of her friends.

Cigarets stuck out of a pocket of its trousers.

When it started about it conversation, the daughter answered I have no cigarets.

When mother simply gave a hand and pulled out them from a pocket, the girl declared I there did not put them.

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They gotoyou

They gotoyouand.

That instructors can make at such about judgment when the group did not come yet to group myshleniya For example, to talk to several guys, which set the fashion in group, and to prepare them for, that they on to the following meeting opposed violence Teenagers want changesl m No, I would leave it how is.

At them is it is a lot of subgroups and disagreements among themselves.

They gotoyou now to fight and beat each other.

Also can be, if you will bring together them for examinations, instead of fight will arise verbal sparring.

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Abstracts Recommendations about improvement of skill of reading If you defined that your child is at this stage of mastering by readin directly pass to occupations which not only improve skill of syllabic readin but also include exercises on oazvity cogitative activity, selfcheckin selfimage, positive motivation all personal sphere of the child.

Abstracts of occupations you to find in the section We learn to read quickly.

Pay attention to the child faces what difficulties, probably, they are especially individual or, on the contrary, are characteristic for the majority of children being at this stage the child unsteadily knows some letters, confuses the outwardly similar; uses socalled on alphabetic way of reading as it did not create ideas of a sound image of a word PeA, PeA turns out ; the wrong or indistinct pronunciation are readable words; low selfchecking; small field of vision.

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It considered

It considered And it never asked for help.

It with great difficulty transferred to the second class.

Soon after the beginning of occupations in the second class new PTA meeting on which mother Suzy informed that it is necessary to transfer her daughter to a special class was collected.

Under laws of the State of California, where there lives Suzy's family to transfer the child to a special class, it is necessary to classify it as mentally retarded.

To Suzy's third class it was hopelessly timid.

It considered mentally retarded, and she daily confirmed this status.

It wore glasses.

Though she ceased to suck for a long time bigger a finger, nobody wanted to forget about it, and it was constantly remembered by it.

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In years to receive

In years to receive I come to truth work, and you create!The teacher recognized genius of the pupil and they studied together the teacher took logic, and the pupil power of intuition.

Mikhail's surprising life proceeded.

In years to receive degree of the candidate, he passed successfully one examination, and the others refused.

Probably, worked the same, as caused in the childhood addiction to measurements.

Why it needed to measure wells and holes, why to refuse examinations anybody could not understand.

But Mikhail put the certificate before professors of the Kharkov university and declared any more I do not wish to see the name in lists of students.

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