Therefore, for the young

Therefore, for the youngTherefore, for the young man of the best preparation for fidelity is the respect for and to Viollet, La bonne entente conjugale A.


C THE FOURTHSOMETHE PRACTICALPROBLEMYSEMEYNY SPIRITAt each family there can be the spirit, gotvorno influencing all her members.

If it , members of the family will not be rather uniform and any occasion becomes good to leave the family center; unity bonds, on the contrary, will strengthen mutual and, even when life will force members of the family to be become this communication remains so strong that will keep between them real mutual aid.

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The child

The child The adult draws a conclusion that clothes elements, ukrathe sheniye need to be used so that everything was moderately, with incatfish.

Then offers game Dress a doll.

The child on the fallow deer and to ability dresses a doll, selecting suitable to kostyu headdress, footwear etc.

Further the adult suggests the child to show the doll model on the improvised podium and to tell about it.

Skillful selection of clothes and accessories to it is encouraged.



, Meshcheryakov S.


You and baby.

M Aksarina N.


Education of children of early age.

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And for adults

And for adultsWe put game on the first place because it is a question of children.

And for adults game alwaysit is attractive.

For children especially therefore game becomes the main spring of development.

Later, when they will grow and become adults, superiority will occupy work.

But if we want, that work was not a heavy duty, it should contain in itselfhimself a game element, and it is obligatory the informative moments the doctrine.

In this case it never will bother, will daily wait for a meeting with it, with pleasure to work clearly, if to know when to stop after all and from honey it is possible to get an allergy and it to enjoy.

As you understand, under game we mean not any entertainments, and an action form, the activity filled with sense.

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Their sense

Their senseWhether the teacher celebrates a victory in such situation No, there is a return process the caustic irony and sarcasm are shown at pupils.

Their sense as in a mirror, reflects the real face of the teacher.

And then the teacher objectively learns, who is he actually a dark blue stockin a dry urokodavatel, the live textbook etc.

It means that pupils laugh at the teacher.

With the logic it is perceived by them in comical light.

That does the child reach such laughter Pronounces a sentence to the disharmonious brings up the teacher.

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It has a moral

It has a moralAnd if the person has shortcomings, for example, there is no feeling of selfsufficiency It communicates with the child, in common operates, but not always there is NATO to execute desires of the child.

Between them already there is a contradiction, but meanwhile the unconscious.

And here once the child finds this a painful point.

It is clear that such person has a lowered dukhovnopsikhologichesky ability to selfimage, mob killings, a selfsentence.

It has a moral imperfection, but he does not realize it fully.

The child feels it unmistakably here the adult has the most sensitive place; it is necessary to influence it, that dostichzhelayemy.

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