Density and concentration

Density and concentrationDensity and concentration of actions, characters and thoughts in one work, round one idea; a condensation of many various events in time; selection and compaction of the vitalEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONsituations what were also which can occur in game of actors on a scene quintessence of these works.

Their purpose to help the person to understand itself, reincarnating in the benevolent hero; to learn to understand and define on the basis of the action analysis, characters and thoughts of people among which he lives; to learn, as it is necessary in communication and the relations with different people to reflect, argue, prove.

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That arises

That arises The list of the reasons on which people usually are ashamed, is infinite dissatisfaction own external data, addictions, somewhat eccentric relatives it only few of them.

The shame does people uncertain and forces their all the time something to hide from people around.

That arises earlier shame or shyness Probably, they appear at the same time.

One woman told us that she all life tests shyness, after all her grandmother at the slightest pretext and without it tried to shame her words As it is not a shame to you! or It should be a shame to you!.

Anyway our research showed that in the country with the widest circulation of shyness in Japan where sixty percent of respondents recognized themselves as people constraining sense of shame can be used for correction of behavior of certain people, according to the standard standards of behavior.

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Do not come, that

Do not come, thatCLOTHESRemember that teenagers absolute conformists.

Provide with it possibility well to put on and the main thing to correspond to the code adopted among his friends.

Do not come, that your son or the daughter carried things which you will not force to put on any teenager.

For example, there is nothing surprising that faultlessly putting on seventhgrader from school of Jordan is one of the most timid girls of school.

It always goes in very beautiful skirts pleated, blouses successfully picked up to them and sweaters, in golfs and the polished shoes.

While all her agemates put on quite tastelessly and carelessly ripped jeans, Tshirts, baggy sweaters and jackets, sneakers or gym shoes.

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You can offer

You can offerFrom reasonings of the skilled kidThat is really harmful To force the child is, when he does not want.

You can offer considering that there are dishes which it really for any reasons hates, but not to impose and not to force to eat with a great effort.

To hurry at the table, to straighten out andor to hurry up To intimidate You will badly eat you will not grow bi etc And suddenly will believe Represent, what reason for fears and secret sufferings To impose a portion it is more than that that the child in a condition to eat.

It is better an additive, especially she will give the chance to tell in time to you Wow!, to be surprised and praise the kid.

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