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And even if it creates just like the, distinctions not to avoid laws of the nature will not outwit.To it it is possible to add and that for the sixth day God was tired.He understood that Adam was far from an ideal.And, obviously, left this business that left that left.Or perhaps there were more interesting affairs.Therefore not to alter, to come back to already endured process, God provided to the person chance it can become better in itself if will solve problems and then there will be a wise man, capable to continue the begun business.

After today's conversation, probably, we will

and.For examplem To tell, we go on what enterprise that it lets out, where its production is applied.Further, certainly, there should be a person who conducts on before to acceptance also shows all process, since delivery raw materials and finishing production quality check in laboratoriya.and.Ulyanov I suggest to look at an example of, how about preparation for excursion in police office from odes was found ache from our groups.After today's conversation, probably, we will change something.Let's look at a videoclip.clip tutor Today we will go on excursion to one from police offices.

Boys babies

The role of the adult man in our culture is so ambiguous and is not certain, and transition from the childhood by a maturity is so indistinct that our culture demands from parents of a vpikhivaniye in boys of their male role since the birth.Boys babies dress up only in blue, but in any way in the pink! They are given balls, instead of dolls! Such early instilling of a man's stereotype of behavior destroys a gentle emotional fabric of a being of the boy, harms to his imagination, and after all both that and another is vital for ability to love and be darling.Boys in the childhood need to help to reveal within structure which will direct then their man's energies, instead of to hold them captive.


Who that decides for them that to them to do, eat, carry, listen and smot.And they sometimes would like to make something that it is pleasant to them sathe mime, but they have no such possibility.No wonder that flashes anger happen quite often.Sometimes the anger is caused by frustration and overfatigue, needs of nature of the child in attention or stremleniy to make something in own way.Fits of anger can occur at any time and in any place and it is frequent in situations when you feel bespomoshchny.But even if children become angry, cry in most nepodkhodyashchy a place shop, transport, etc.

And suddenly

The girl played everything best of all, more surely.She did not worry any more when went on a concert after all knew, as as it is necessary to do, and did it masterfully.But to pleasure from game for some reason remained ever less.And suddenly to the girl was ceased to want to play.Once she admitted it to mother.Do not stir nonsense that answered.And, not to afflict parents, the daughter forced itself to sit down at the tool.Now big efforts that was given easily and with pleasure earlier costed.

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For example, to people

They found out that people whom arenas or other adaptations let's realize requirement to creep and run on all fours, later not completely develop the speech abilities.In certain cases there is a stutter which recovers by return of adults to crawling and run on all fours on an hour in day for several months.Besides, doctors used special trainings to achieve normal functioning of a brain with a dominant of one of hemispheres.For example, to people who had dominating the right hand, but the left foot thus dominated, helped to become completely the lefthander or the righthanded person.Daman and Delakato initially worked with children with injuries of a brain, but further found out that they were possible manage speech skills and at normal students of academy Chestnat Hil where Delano was the deputy rector.

If the thinking

That is why it is so important to study history of opening of thoughts on the subjects, reflecting its sign systems.If the thinking and the truth reflects reality and has semantic character, it should have the carrier.Semantic laws and the ensembles of the public relations existing actually, are embodied in human I.But I exist not alone.Its emergence is fixed by existence of contradictions between conceiving I and not I the nature.They opposite, but not the hostile parties of interaction.By means of what contradictions between them are solvedI and not I unite and interpenetrate one into another by means of actions and activity.

Children never

For this purpose in the book there are so much games and cheerful netrafaretny decisions.Simply begin and do, with pleasure.To raise children it how to go to travel.Sometimes to go happens difficult, sometimes it is tiresome, sometimes it is very joyful, but something will always change.Children never are at a stop, even if it seems to us that today only yesterday continuation.If to see in every day new possibilities and new answers, the bad behavior will not have chances to spoil to us a way road.

But the more

Brad, father of the sixyear boy It is not pleasant to parents, when them hate.But the more often to children provide to establish for itself limits of admissible behavior, the family life becomes more awful.And if anarchy became modus operandi way of action your family, you will never know, that to expect during the next instant from the offsprings, especially when happen to them in public.One family brought on consultation of the five years' rascal.They be settled, the child was arranged on a lap at one of parents.Suddenly the boy came off knees and quickly dumped all books at me from the shelf.


All of us, of course, would like, that the culture defining behavior of members of our society, was humane.But humanity surely assumes respect of a human continuum.The culture demanding from people to conduct life for which they were not prepared by evolution which does not satisfy their congenital expectations and, therefore, makes unreasonably high demands to their ability to adaptation, surely causes a damage of their personality.Deprivation of the person of the minimum variety of emotional incentives a heartrending experience for its continuum.Resulting loss of wellbeing is called as boredom.This unpleasant feeling the continuum lets know that occupation change is necessary to the person.

To learn youth

Doctor Shtekel.Decree.., p.In this question it is necessary to rest rather on the zitivny aspect of pleasure of that it becomes big also it is capable to overcome itself, rather than on fault stvo.To learn youth to vital realities not , as many hygienists believe, to protect them from threat of venereal diseases; it means to save them from moral deviations, the reason which it is covered in defect.The youth should understand that it is not followed by Iseto use those creative forces, the keeper which it is, as simple means for humiliation or pleasure.Not purity is a wine in relation to itself, to future to the spouse or to the spouse, to children who will be born and all will inherit their physical and moral wormholes.

After all the small

More precisely, it enters into it without resistance and conscious efforts, lying deeply in soul.But over time it will independently destroy its uncertainty will hear, see, perceive this information as the semantic message.It will expand and deepen an image of the world and in it.Clearly, it is necessary for culture of such relations to train since the childhood to develop not only sensitivity of soul, but also to turn it into system of abilities to create the talent mechanism.After all the small and big person a nature and noosphere phenomenon.Therefore training and education of the person should be carried out on the most modern products of noosferny process.

Instead teach

Show it on the facts and on how the Christian belief becomes by perfection for the human being.Inhale in the child pride of the rank shcheny, but without contempt for those who yet did not become kovy.Instead teach it that with the help mineLithuania, victims and gifts to God of the small acts, it can make a great impact on ly world My God, let the whole world loves You! Explain to the child that it should not if will find the vague moments, It is necessary to give Preference to the stories similar to, how concealing Theresa achieved the address sentenced on a death threshold.It to it to learn effectiveness of a prayer.

Then the adult

The child should be attentive, not to get off and show that the adult speaks.Game specifies knowledge of children of parts of a body, the attention develops.Then the adult sets some questions, by means of which purpose of separate parts of a human body becomes clear.Why hands, fingers, eyes, nose, hair etc.Adult.Here you see, each part of a body for some reason to us it is necessary and without it it will be difficult to us to live.And all these parts together and make the person.We with you live, and us it is impossible razoto take in parts, as a lifeless toy, for example the machine or bicycle.

Time at your

And at last, the good interlocutor will always finish conversation by a compliment Mnedeystvitelno needed to be learned that you think of it.Even the pupil of elementary school it is possible to teach to be the attentive listener and in the course of time to improve skills of the good interlocutor.Teach the child to tell pleasant things to the teacher.The compliment of times a week will melt heart of any teacher.Time at your lessons flies by imperceptibly because you laugh together with us much.I so like to listen, as you read us stories.Ask the child that most of all is pleasant to it in his teacher as it looks, about her habits, behavior manners, that she speaks and does at lessons.

Yes, her life

It did not get rid up to the end of shyness, but already on so painfully reacts to attempts of people closer with it to get acquainted.Here her own words After two weeks spent here my life changed radically, after all there were so many people whom I became not indifferent.Yes, her life really changed, because the people who have surrounded it helped it to find the forces and selfconfidence.Sara inspired all of us parents, the teachers, close people on making all the efforts and to help the children to overcome shyness.second THAN PARENTS CAN HELPTO THE TIMID CHILDRENParents often having many children differently behave with the children.

The following

The following questions will help you to understand, how exactingly you treat the children Early achievements of your children always played very important role for you You waited, what your child in eighteen months will be able to go on a pot, by two years will learn to read, in four years will independently fasten laces on boots, and in six can cope with a twowheeled bicycle As a result you were disappointed, when your expectations did not come true Whether you when your child did not cope with any task were irritated, considerin what it simply is not capable of it You usually determine readiness of the child by what parameters to acquire these or those skills or knowledge On its age On physical parameters On that, on what children of your acquaintances or neighbors are capable And can be, you ignored signals which were submitted by the child and which testified to his readiness or, on the contrary, unavailabilities to undertake this or that task If the child behaved badly or did not cope with any task, whether you from it hid the love, illustrating that its convention and inconstancy You got used to do everything for the child so, even having matured, it cannot cope with elementary tasks without your help All of you time rush with the child, almost from a spoon him feed Whether you feel fear what with age the child starts to need you ever less You are afraid of what your child will grow soon and becomes absolutely independent You still write down the twelve years child on reception to the stomatologist The history with the woman who wrote down the son to the dentist when to that already was twenty one years became the most extreme illustration of similar behavior in the course of our research.

We any more

Here some examples.Herodotus imitated Homer.Almost all his followers purposefully scooped from Homer's treasury, and it is most Platon.That incorporated numerous streamlets of thoughts.Platon did not hide that competed with Homer, as the beginner with the glorified master.In the early verses Lermontov entertainingly imitates Pushkin, Zhukovsky and another.We any more do not speak about contemporaries to them the nobility is better that they reproduced, and that created independently that inherited.And what the psychology and pedagogics speak about creative imitationWe need to ascertain happened so that the main ways of a that time and modern science lay by imitation creativity this mysterious property of human soul to such imitation did not pay attention.

The group of contemporaries

At the age from till years the group both involves boys, and pushes away.The group of contemporaries gives them feeling of identity which at this age is represented imperceptible.Boys are disturbed very much by a question, whether they are accepted by group and whether are popular in it.Group search which it would be possible to join, and experiences if group in which the boy would feel well, it is not possible to find, do adolescence especially painful for the boy and difficult for parents.It is very important, that these years of experiments and search parents held the center as it does mother for the kid when it starts to investigate the world round her knees.

But after

Besides, the majority of parents considers that children and so should feel and feel their love whereas actually parents need to show to children the love day by day.It is necessary for the child, that you directly spoke to it I love you, and told it as it is possible more often.But after all they and so know about it! many parents so usually react to my offer especially fathers already enough adult children.Recently published biography Henry Fonda, the actor who, as a rule, plays roles of straight, honest and loveful people, tells that timid Henry Fonda and in life is same straight and honest.

And. Convince

It is sometimes

To lock it for two weeks of the house it is far not the best way to this purpose.Instead it is good to discuss a situation together with it and to find out, in what, in his opinion, problems where its weak place, whether he understands, how high points are important for its future, and so forth.It is sometimes better to natural consequences to give the chance to be shown.For example, in many and many families of America where there are teenage boys, there is daily, an evening after evening fight of characters concerning performance of homeworks and receiving high points.

I observed

I resembled a skeleton fitted by skin.However after these seven and a half months the jungle after all did not lose for me attractive correctness.I observed the whole families and clans of Indians , coping on the house, together hunting and living in full harmony with their habitat without wonders of equipment everyone there, except for a machete and axes from the steel, replaced stone axes.Tauripan were the happiest people that to me somewhere came across, but then I hardly turned on this attention.


Approximate list of wordsPaperWoolBootNestCartFingerCatHairLemonadeWheelRoseElephantStickScarfKissFilmTearBusPancakeBootDoctorHappinessBirdJuiceThe note for parents Having passed the first column, ask the child to call or write down words which the ohm remembered, and pass to the following column.Then work with two columns, having increased quantity of words for storing.Gradually it is necessary to refuse a nazyvaniye aloud the qualities disappearing behind this or that word, and to pass a prize mentally, in mind.Exercise No.We draw onvoobrazilski Now you will look at drawings not for lon about a halfminutes and then will draw them on memory.

If you agreed

Praise itself that you risked, and promise to itself once again to invite the same girl if only she did not tell no three times in a row or someone another.If she agreed, stipulate time of a meeting and a dress code.If you agreed to come behind it, be not late, but also do not come early.Though it is important to come to many in time, in this case it is better to come for some minutes later, than earlier because your early arrival can put it in an uncomfortable position, especially if to it have to open you a door in a bathing dressing gown and with wet hair.

Group, in fact, should

And if a forehead the century carries out a rule love near, as itself, if it correctly directs itselfhimself, at the end of a way it races covers truth.Therefore we have no choice we are obliged to construct group as an image of the judge, the inspector directing.Group, in fact, should do everythin and her heads need to direct all participants of group to a unification, and then, having rallied, they will really open the hidden laws of the nature.and.But then the group appears in awkward hollowzheniya …m It's cool.

He sucks

It furiously kicks with feet, trying to hammer painful desire of touches of a warm flesh, it waves hands, twirls by the head here and there to disconnect the sense organs, strains a body, curving an arch a back.The child finds any consolation in the thumb it calms incessant itching desire in a mouth a little.He sucks a finger quite seldom, only when wants to eat before the feeding put by the schedule.Usually the child simply holds a finger in a mouth exhausted with intolerable emptiness, eternal loneliness, feeling of that it is on the life suburb.His mother consults to the mother, and that retells notorious history about harm of a sosaniye of a finger and that then the child will have teeth curves.

Most likely, it works

Most likely, it works by a principle of Society of Anonymous Alcoholics where at the general meetings unfortunate parents of shouting children sympathetically console and encourage the same sufferers they will sometime grow; sleep with your spouse in turn, then each of you will manage to have a sleep, while another calms the child, or the child it is possible to leave to cry one if you are sure that with it everything is all right; it to it will not damage.The best that they can offer, it if absolutely helps nothin there is nothing terrible in that the child has a sleep together with you in one bed.

Can long

and it is sometimes where it is more difficult, than are fascinating business.not , inlyuchayetsya in activity.at it slowly accrues .but it mozhelong to keep.in at BCHN ine; it is usually more assidious and attentive.can long listen to an explanation of the teacher; shows very high activity in work to the passable material.as that.that it acquired once, long remains in its pas ; thinks over more deeply and carefully organizes different types of the activity ! these pluses help hesitate ier.

The symbol

Transition to development of ways of the image marks a jump as the organization reflected by the kid, so and new level of energy which to them wakens.Image it an image a symbol.The symbol executes three main functions reflects; calls for action; represents model of generation of activity.Let's consider, how the symbol in communication of the kid and the adult is created.Feelings in every respect a knowledge basis.It feeling reflects singularity and consequently it is blind, rather casual, chaotic.And the symbol, as well as feelin bears in itself the infinite contents.

Edited and published

Thanks to these factors joint activity , and the inner world of people not only is enriched, but also becomes capable to increase.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONOn the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish and types of the communication, negative results having by the consequences soul destruction.Imperception of each other or group.There are no hostile relations, but communication becomes complicated painful emotional reaction an idiosyncrasy arising at the person at a meeting with subjects or certain people; neglect, not address of attention and the courier not remark of an initiative of the person to establishment of the relations; flight the conscious action releasing the person from unpleasant and insuperable negative feelings, avoiding of any communication.

If this negativism

Moral senses suffer also.If this negativism is overcome in the child by force, with concentration, systematically, eventually the kid develops new ways of fight for independence and a sovereignty.Also operates so refuses to carry out of a task and teams of adults; operates in spite of that from it demand on the evil; negatively treats requests without the positive adoption of refusal I do not want to speak, and why I do not want itself I do not know.And what further Illness the child becomes a neurotic.And how to prevent negativism In the relations the people inclined to negativism, it is offered to use methods which open soul and promote establishment of intimate communication between souls.

And in other

The concept develops and consequently conducts to more developed concept.And in other direction from concept to the scheme of action and from it by the image which in operation merges with a subject to concrete.And concrete subject practical activities of the kid here are.Thus, the description conducts to concept creation forms of thinking which operates with thoughts on properties of a subject or the phenomenon and reflects their essence truth.The third stage the image.Conceding to the name and the description in concreteness, it wins in force of generalization reflected, in completeness of comprehension of integrity of this or that picture of the world, activity or the person.

Direkthe tsiya

Certainly, I knew nothing about its study, about its affairs.Once so happened that children pulled down with buildings materials that something for to construct.Direkthe tsiya of a boarding school declared to parents that excludes these children.And then to me advised to tell the following I gave you on education of the dear obedient child, and you, later not howeverTeenagers want changesto years, say that he behaves badly, and want it isklyu! Who so brought up it!You mean it in the question I transferred the child on education and I know nothing.

Cigarets stuck

One woman told us that somehow her daughter, having come home, told Mother, you always so well understand me.And you such clever.And you always tell me the truth therefore I too will never say lies to you.Next day, passing on the car on any street, this woman saw the daughter in the company of her friends.Cigarets stuck out of a pocket of its trousers.When it started about it conversation, the daughter answered I have no cigarets.When mother simply gave a hand and pulled out them from a pocket, the girl declared I there did not put them.

They gotoyou

and.That instructors can make at such about judgment when the group did not come yet to group myshleniya For example, to talk to several guys, which set the fashion in group, and to prepare them for, that they on to the following meeting opposed violence Teenagers want changesl m No, I would leave it how is.At them is it is a lot of subgroups and disagreements among themselves.They gotoyou now to fight and beat each other.Also can be, if you will bring together them for examinations, instead of fight will arise verbal sparring.


Recommendations about improvement of skill of reading If you defined that your child is at this stage of mastering by readin directly pass to occupations which not only improve skill of syllabic readin but also include exercises on oazvity cogitative activity, selfcheckin selfimage, positive motivation all personal sphere of the child.Abstracts of occupations you to find in the section We learn to read quickly.Pay attention to the child faces what difficulties, probably, they are especially individual or, on the contrary, are characteristic for the majority of children being at this stage the child unsteadily knows some letters, confuses the outwardly similar; uses socalled on alphabetic way of reading as it did not create ideas of a sound image of a word PeA, PeA turns out ; the wrong or indistinct pronunciation are readable words; low selfchecking; small field of vision.

It considered

And it never asked for help.It with great difficulty transferred to the second class.Soon after the beginning of occupations in the second class new PTA meeting on which mother Suzy informed that it is necessary to transfer her daughter to a special class was collected.Under laws of the State of California, where there lives Suzy's family to transfer the child to a special class, it is necessary to classify it as mentally retarded.To Suzy's third class it was hopelessly timid.It considered mentally retarded, and she daily confirmed this status.It wore glasses.Though she ceased to suck for a long time bigger a finger, nobody wanted to forget about it, and it was constantly remembered by it.

In years to receive

I come to truth work, and you create!The teacher recognized genius of the pupil and they studied together the teacher took logic, and the pupil power of intuition.Mikhail's surprising life proceeded.In years to receive degree of the candidate, he passed successfully one examination, and the others refused.Probably, worked the same, as caused in the childhood addiction to measurements.Why it needed to measure wells and holes, why to refuse examinations anybody could not understand.But Mikhail put the certificate before professors of the Kharkov university and declared any more I do not wish to see the name in lists of students.

Therefore, for the young

Therefore, for the young man of the best preparation for fidelity is the respect for and to Viollet, La bonne entente conjugale A.M.C THE FOURTHSOMETHE PRACTICALPROBLEMYSEMEYNY SPIRITAt each family there can be the spirit, gotvorno influencing all her members.If it , members of the family will not be rather uniform and any occasion becomes good to leave the family center; unity bonds, on the contrary, will strengthen mutual and, even when life will force members of the family to be become this communication remains so strong that will keep between them real mutual aid.

The child

The adult draws a conclusion that clothes elements, ukrathe sheniye need to be used so that everything was moderately, with incatfish.Then offers game Dress a doll.The child on the fallow deer and to ability dresses a doll, selecting suitable to kostyu headdress, footwear etc.Further the adult suggests the child to show the doll model on the improvised podium and to tell about it.Skillful selection of clothes and accessories to it is encouraged.LITERATURE Avdeev N.N., Meshcheryakov S.Yu.You and baby.M Aksarina N.M.Education of children of early age.

And for adults

We put game on the first place because it is a question of children.And for adults game alwaysit is attractive.For children especially therefore game becomes the main spring of development.Later, when they will grow and become adults, superiority will occupy work.But if we want, that work was not a heavy duty, it should contain in itselfhimself a game element, and it is obligatory the informative moments the doctrine.In this case it never will bother, will daily wait for a meeting with it, with pleasure to work clearly, if to know when to stop after all and from honey it is possible to get an allergy and it to enjoy.As you understand, under game we mean not any entertainments, and an action form, the activity filled with sense.

Their sense

Whether the teacher celebrates a victory in such situation No, there is a return process the caustic irony and sarcasm are shown at pupils.Their sense as in a mirror, reflects the real face of the teacher.And then the teacher objectively learns, who is he actually a dark blue stockin a dry urokodavatel, the live textbook etc.It means that pupils laugh at the teacher.With the logic it is perceived by them in comical light.That does the child reach such laughter Pronounces a sentence to the disharmonious brings up the teacher.

It has a moral

And if the person has shortcomings, for example, there is no feeling of selfsufficiency It communicates with the child, in common operates, but not always there is NATO to execute desires of the child.Between them already there is a contradiction, but meanwhile the unconscious.And here once the child finds this a painful point.It is clear that such person has a lowered dukhovnopsikhologichesky ability to selfimage, mob killings, a selfsentence.It has a moral imperfection, but he does not realize it fully.The child feels it unmistakably here the adult has the most sensitive place; it is necessary to influence it, that dostichzhelayemy.

Density and concentration

Density and concentration of actions, characters and thoughts in one work, round one idea; a condensation of many various events in time; selection and compaction of the vitalEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONsituations what were also which can occur in game of actors on a scene quintessence of these works.Their purpose to help the person to understand itself, reincarnating in the benevolent hero; to learn to understand and define on the basis of the action analysis, characters and thoughts of people among which he lives; to learn, as it is necessary in communication and the relations with different people to reflect, argue, prove.

That arises

The list of the reasons on which people usually are ashamed, is infinite dissatisfaction own external data, addictions, somewhat eccentric relatives it only few of them.The shame does people uncertain and forces their all the time something to hide from people around.That arises earlier shame or shyness Probably, they appear at the same time.One woman told us that she all life tests shyness, after all her grandmother at the slightest pretext and without it tried to shame her words As it is not a shame to you! or It should be a shame to you!.Anyway our research showed that in the country with the widest circulation of shyness in Japan where sixty percent of respondents recognized themselves as people constraining sense of shame can be used for correction of behavior of certain people, according to the standard standards of behavior.

Do not come, that

CLOTHESRemember that teenagers absolute conformists.Provide with it possibility well to put on and the main thing to correspond to the code adopted among his friends.Do not come, that your son or the daughter carried things which you will not force to put on any teenager.For example, there is nothing surprising that faultlessly putting on seventhgrader from school of Jordan is one of the most timid girls of school.It always goes in very beautiful skirts pleated, blouses successfully picked up to them and sweaters, in golfs and the polished shoes.While all her agemates put on quite tastelessly and carelessly ripped jeans, Tshirts, baggy sweaters and jackets, sneakers or gym shoes.

You can offer

From reasonings of the skilled kidThat is really harmful To force the child is, when he does not want.You can offer considering that there are dishes which it really for any reasons hates, but not to impose and not to force to eat with a great effort.To hurry at the table, to straighten out andor to hurry up To intimidate You will badly eat you will not grow bi etc And suddenly will believe Represent, what reason for fears and secret sufferings To impose a portion it is more than that that the child in a condition to eat.It is better an additive, especially she will give the chance to tell in time to you Wow!, to be surprised and praise the kid.


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